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Read Romance

Contemporary suspense romance. My favourite of KA’s books and one of my happy place frequent rereads.

The whole Ice series is brilliant, but this one’s my favourite. Contemporary suspense romance.

Hot and heavy contemporary sport romance. Highly addictive.

A sexy gritty love/hate contemporary romance story going from high school to adulthood.

A great erotic romance age gap/age play contemporary stand-alone.

Awesome writing and boy does she know how to bring on the angst. Contemporary romance.

She’s a friend of mine and I feel kind of sorry for her on account of her having such a disgustingly smutty mind. MC erotic romance.

Book one in the awesome Shadlowlands series. BDSM contemporary erotic romance.

Penny’s genius is only eclipsed by her sense of fun. A great start to a great contemporary romance series.

First in a series of royal shenanigans in a fun and moving contemporary romance.

Everyone should get to have a hot rock star passed out on their front lawn. Contemporary romance.

I’ve seen the unedited version of this cover. Heck. The book isn’t bad either. Contemporary sport romance.

First in a series of gritty sexy contemporary suspense romances.

Hilarious contemporary romance. Everyone should read Victoria Dahl.

A brilliant book about a male sub. BDSM contemporary suspense erotic romance.

First in a trilogy of gritty sexy age gap contemporary romance.

Drag Queen awesomeness. Contemporary F/M romance.

Contemporary erotic romance. I love The Brown Family series.

First in a series about a detective agency. Contemporary suspense romance.

Cowboy contemporary erotic romance series. They’re awesome.

Sexy and emotional contemporary sport romance. A great series.

Someone award this woman a doctorate in smutty awesomeness. Contemporary erotic romance.

Emotional contemporary romance. Highly recommended.

Atmospheric Southern Gothic contemporary suspense with romance. Not for the faint of heart.

The Sin Brothers is an addictive contemporary suspense romance series. It continues with Blood Brothers.

The McCloud Brother series is awesome sexy contemporary suspense romance. A longtime favourite of mine.

Freaky contemporary murder suspense with burgeoning romance.

My favourite in the brilliant Sevenwater’s series. Fantasy romance.

First in a series of fantasy romance. Great world building.

First in a sexy fantasy romance adventure.

Wonderful fantasy romance where nothing is quite what it seems.

My all time favourite book. A lovely re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Fantasy romance.

An awesome re-telling of Arabian Nights. Fantasy romance.

First in a fantasy romance adventure series. Highly recommend.

A brilliant contemporary fantasy romance trilogy.

An epic fantasy romance.

Awesome Australian set contemporary YA fairy-tale adventure with romance.

A great YA fantasy adventure romance involving the fae.

First in an M/M fantasy romance trilogy. Highly recommended.

A creepy contemporary YA fantasy adventure with romance.

Love this series. Fantasy adventure romance.

A thrilling fantasy adventure romance.

First in the fun and sexy fantasy adventure romance series.

Historical erotic romance. Pretty woman by candlelight.

A wonderfully atmospheric historical erotic romance.

Historical romance goodness.

A wonderful historical romance.

Two dongs. Historical paranormal erotic romance.

YA science-fiction contemporary romance. I never thought I’d have the hots for an alien.

And I seriously never thought I’d have the hots for a reptile man. Epic science-fiction erotic romance with amazing world building.

Fun science-fiction romance adventure.

Epistolary YA science-fiction adventure romance. First of a trilogy. It’s brilliant and soon to be made into a movie.

Great YA futuristic dystopian adventure with romance. Just give me the next book already.

YA futuristic dystopian adventure trilogy with romance. Soon to be a movie.

First in the YA paranormal adventure romance series. Loved it.

First in the YA paranormal adventure series with romance. It’s being made in a TV series.

First in a series of post-apocalyptic erotic romance.

Steam-punk fantasy adventure romance from a brilliant Australian author.

Time-travelling adventure romance. Tiffany Reisz is a great writer.

Sweet time-bending YA romance.

I laughed my ass off. Paranormal shape-shifter romance.

Paranormal adventure romance. A fresh take on werewolves and other creatures. Awesomely good series.

A graveyard restorer who sees ghosts. Paranormal romance series.

First in the awesome Experiment in Terror series. NA paranormal horror romance. Her contemporary romances are also great.

Creepy goodness. A woman who can communicate with the dead solving murders. Paranormal romance.

First in the epic Psy-Changeling series. Paranormal romance.

One of my favourites in the addictive Breed’s series books. Paranormal romance.

Lots and lots of vampires wearing leather, kicking ass, and being hot. Paranormal romance.

First in the All Souls Trilogy. Paranormal romance with some time-travel. Soon to be a TV series.

First in the Fallen Crest series. Another of my happy place frequent rereads. NA romance.

Angsty awesome NA romance.

It made me cry, dammit. NA romance.

My favourite Penelope Douglas book. Gritty NA erotic romance.

Fun and feminist NA contemporary romance set in Australia.

Wonderful NA romance. College aged hero and heroine.

Friends to lovers NA romance. Lots of angst and emotion.

NA romance. Highly recommended. Deals in part with revenge porn.

Great sexy NA romance.

The ultimate in sexy YA Cinderella contemporary romance stories.

Awesome YA suspense with romance set in Australia.

The classic regency romance.